The quality of our blowers is recognized and taken into consideration by all our customers who, in various bottling sectors, produce from 1.000 to 50.000 bottles per hour and more.

QUALITY and RELIABILITY are the first characteristics that identify and define our blowers; others are:


Valves of hygienic design, without joints or dirty corners.

Stars with permanently indexed synchronous clutch.

Compact and removable blowing heads in which all the mechanisms are integrated.

Cannula injector that is inserted into the bottle to ensure air circulation/exit and thus improve cleaning.

Spinning of bottles by means of roller and double helical ramp; without friction, without wear.

IInjection with simultaneous aspiration and filtering. The bottle is integrated into an air circulation circuit that optimises cleaning.


Filtration unit of air injection with suction and filtering of the air to be evacuated.


Aigües, Refrescos i Sucs de fruita

Water, Soft drinks, Fruit juices


Sauces, Preserves

Perfumery, Pharmaceuticals, Others